• Bubble Farmer

    Bubble shooting adventure goes to farm lands!
    From the makers of hit games like Gummy Pop, Bubble Blossom,
    Explore farming and bubble shooter in apple farms, wheat farms,
    corn farms and more in Bubble Farmer!

Game Play

Ready? Take aim...shoot!

Play as Rodger the dog, Suzy the Sheep and Randy the Horse and rescue cute little birds from evil dogs in this epic bubble shooter saga. This is the best free bubble shooter experience on mobile. Hone your bubble shooter skills in this challenging farm themed bubble shooter and be the ultimate champion!

When you think you are alone in the fields, connect to Facebook and invite all your friends to your bubble shooter adventure and explore the farm lands with them. Enjoy more than 1700 levels and surround yourselves with magical bubbles waiting for you to pop them. Happy bubble shooting!



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